Interactive Word Wall

What is this space?

Rachael: This is an interactive “word wall,” designed after something cool and similar I saw on Pinterest! There wasn’t much going on with this wall beforehand—it was just being used for pictures. I decided to frame it out and use magnetic paint to make it something fun!

What materials did you use?

Rachael: Chalkboard paint and magnetic paint. I have to warn you: you’re going to need a lot of magnetic paint because it’s not very strong. We printed out letters on thick paper and then hot-glued magnetic strips to the backs of them! My maintenance team then created a frame around the board.

Why does this space work well in dementia care?

Rachael: I wanted a space in the designated Activity Room where residents could interact and play games with the Activity Director. This was a great way to create an interactive space that didn’t take up any extra room!

Amanda: I love that this is such a versatile board, it can be used for so many different activities. The scale gives so much more room than a store-bought magnetic chalkboard. I also think it would be fun to put resident artwork on this board for an event!