5 & Dime / Nurses’ Station

What is this space?

Rachael: This was (and still is) the Nurses’ Station. It’s probably the most important part of this Skilled Nursing Facility, but it also makes it look like a hospital. In order to make it more familiar, I wanted to turn it into something the residents would recognize and enjoy: an old-time 5 & Dime!

What materials did you use?

Rachael: We bought 2 brand new red, vinyl chairs, a CD player that looks like an old record player, I made a collage of plastic Black & Decker tools, added a rotary phone, added a milkshake maker and signage (see another one of our posts for more on that) and, of course, the “5 & Dime” letters. Most of these materials were from either Amazon or Target.

Why does this space work well in dementia care?

Rachael: This area fits in well with the theme I was creating: a retro, comfy space that residents recognize. It feels MUCH less like a hospital setting when you walk in. The residents love the red chairs and the CD player that is always playing music from their era (usually the 1950s).