Piano & Art Wall

What is this space?

Rachael: A space for art, both music and drawings or paintings

What materials did you use?

Rachael: The hardest part was finding a piano. After I got the piano moved in, the space really came together. I put up twine and small clothes pins for the art, and found wood at Home Depot in order to frame it out.

Why does this space work well in dementia care?

Rachael:┬áThe staff has a perfect place to hang up residents’ artwork, so it’s not just all over the walls. The residents love the piano, and many people with dementia can still play.

Amanda: This is a great space to encourage resident artwork. So often, artwork is done and stored away where no one sees it. This encourages residents to participate in creating art, and makes them feel so special when it is put on display!

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