Vanity Station

What is this space?

Amanda: A vanity station for use in an alcove or corridor near a spa or salon.

What materials did you use?

Amanda: We used an existing vanity and body form. We purchased jewelry and hat stands; scarves and hats of various bright colors; jewelry in varying textures, colors, and sizes.

Why does this space work well in dementia care?

Rachael: This is a beautiful space that residents will love. When I’ve seen spaces like this in the past, the jewelry is limited, which is a shame. Here, Amanda has supplied a lot of great items for the residents to try on, touch, and discuss. The staff just has to be aware to make sure to return items each day.

Amanda: Residents love the various colors and textures. I cannot tell you how many times I have had residents come up to me when I was setting one of these up and asking if they could put on a piece of jewelry, or if they could ‘buy’ something from the station. They are so delighted when you tell them, ‘Why don’t you put this on and borrow it for a while?’ I agree with Rachel, this is definitely a station where the items disappear quickly. So there either needs to be a plan to collect items at the end of the day, or lots of ‘back-up’ items when residents fall in love with certain items!

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