Red Plates = More Eating

What is this?

Rachael:┬áThese are the red plates I ordered for one community where I consulted. These plates and bowls are thick plastic, so they don’t break, but they are bright red in color.


Why does this space work well in dementia care?

Rachael: The plates and bowls that they had before were an off-white color. They were pretty hideous, honestly. People with dementia sometimes have trouble discriminating between depths when colors are the same, or telling food from plate, if colors are too close. These red plates make the food on them stand out, and they make the food more appealing to eat.

Amanda: Red is a color that encourages appetite, which can often be lacking in memory care residents. As Rachael mentioned, the red color of the plates helps the food stand out. It is important then to have a tablecloth or placemat that contrasts the red plates.

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