Engaging Sitting Room

What is this space?

Amanda: Before the renovation, this space was used as a den. We turned it into a quiet space for residents to come sit and relax. The client wanted to add in a doll and some nurturing station items, but did not want the space to be set up as a nursery so it wasn’t a one-use space.

What materials did you use?

Amanda: Neutral wall paint; carpet with minimal pattern, and a border with low contrast; Crypton upholstery on the recliner and glider.

Why does this space work well in dementia care?

Rachael: The colors are beautiful, but not distracting. One of the things you see a lot of in care communities are patterned chairs. Patterned chairs and furniture are actually really challenging things in dementia care. A lot of people with dementia do not understand that the pattern is just a part of the furniture, and they will get confused by it. For example, I’ve seen residents work hard to pull the “leaf and ivy” pattern off of a comfy chair. These chairs are not patterned, but they are a nice color.

Amanda: The chair fabric color contrasts enough with the carpet and wall color that the chairs are easily seen by residents. The artwork engages the residents and creates a talking point with family members and caregivers. Accessories on the shelves create a composed space, yet allow for interaction. Baskets on the shelf are full of sensory items for residents to explore.

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