Bait & Tackle Shop

What is this space?

Amanda: A ‘Bait and Tackle’ shop for men who love to fish.

What materials did you use?

Amanda: A sofa table with laminate top (prevents top from being scratched when items are moved around); fishing pole without hook; fishing hat and gloves; fishing lure ornaments (with rounded ‘hooks’); tackle box and fish basket; wood fishing themed wall hangings.

Why does this space work well in dementia care?

Rachael: It’s a really engaging, aesthetically pleasing space. Residents are drawn to things that they can pick up, touch, feel, and move around. For someone who liked to fish, especially, this space is going to bring back some really wonderful memories and potentially spark some great conversation!

Amanda: All the items used for fishing without the potential for injury. We used a child’s size fishing pole that looks like an adult pole (no cartoon characters). Instead of including fishing lures with the hooks removed like we’ve done on other projects, we found these large lure ornaments that give the same feel.


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