Office Station

What is this space?

Amanda: An office station for residents who had careers where they worked at a desk.

What materials did you use?

Amanda: We used an existing desk. Ideally, the desk would be darker so it contrasted the wall color more. We included colorful office supplies and books relating to different careers like doctor, lawyer, business owner, and designer.

Why does this space work well in dementia care?

Rachael: There are so many things to pick up and fiddle with here. I love that in Amanda’s design. So many times you’ll hear about residents “picking things up and moving them around.” Honestly, that’s half the point of dementia care: it keeps them engaged and interested in life.

Amanda: Although the idea behind this was for residents who had past careers, any resident could be interested in interacting with the colorful office supplies. The station can be a great conversation starter. “Did you go to college? What did you study?” “Did anyone in your family study (medicine, accounting, business, etc.)”

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